"Advanced Mobile" APP


Access Control / Time & Attendance with mobile phone (Geolocation)

Access Control and Management that allows in an agile and safe manner, grant or deny access to both personnel and vehicles. It performs the opening of doors, vehicle barriers or gates, in warehouses, factories, offices, remote delegations... From your mobile phone with a simple app, available on App Store and Google Play.

Cloud Solutions


Incorporamos nuevas soluciones de hosting y SaaS en Cloud. Contrate nuestro servicio en la nube y despreocúpese del mantenimiento de su infraestructura.

Integrated solutions


We have redesigned, recoded and integrated our suite of solutions incorporating a new DASHBOARD that allows to control and manage the application from a single main console.
Security has been improved in data encryption and user traceability offering HR, IT and Security departments new control tools.

Economical Kits for SMEs


Time and Attendance Management Kit for SMEs that includes software and clocking terminal.
Kit with USB Biometric reader from 259,00€ More...
Kit with Biometric TCP/IP reader from 590,00€More...