Advanced Software


As a service company and software engineering, Advanced Software develops and implements the best systems for personnel control (Time And Attendance) and security systems with which to meet the business needs of any company or sector. Its development department with the ability to design and implementation of applications and projects, focuses its efforts on creating standard products using new generation utilities and tools. In turn, the highly skilled technical team is able to adapt or customize the applications or electronic devices in accordance with the specific customer preferences.

Advanced Software perform installations or implementations directly or through the channel of a distribution, collaboration, sometimes developing custom applications for various companies, engineering, systems integrators, security companies, production control specialists, data entry, implementers HR (Human Resources) applications, etc. and being predisposed to any kind of collaboration or agreement with third parties.

As a global services company, provides turnkey systems, installation and network planning, project development as optimization, communications, computers preconfigured integration with other systems or equipment, personalized training, support and maintenance Hotline systems.

All applications developed by Advanced Software is the latest generation, work on more advanced versions of Windows, under homogeneous lines display / programming, common toolbars and intuitive and the ability to integrate with each other in a natural way, sharing databases or working in an independent manner. In turn, have a great capacity for integration with Microsoft Office and Internet, allowing you to create Word files, Excel, ASCII, HTML SnapShot, and generate reports, statistics, histograms, or to query and process the information at your convenience.

As natural philosophy of the company, with over 25 years experience in control systems, understand that all power of a system lies in the information processing and management of it, basing its efforts on open systems and integrating it with standard equipment market, currently integrated with several dozens of teams from many different manufacturers and different technologies, such as fingerprint, hand biometrics, identification of veins, proximity in several variants (125 kHz, Mifare, sector reader), magnetic card, chip, bar code, memory button, etc., allowing you to advise and recommend with great experience on the system that best fits the needs specific to each customer.

Software Applications in which specializes in Windows Systems:


Advanced Press Enterprise: Time and Attendance Control for companies medium/large.

Advanced Press Professional: Time and Attendance Control for companies medium.

Advanced Press Pymes: Integrated package of Time and Attendance Control for companies small/medium (SMEs).

Advanced Access: Access Control Software.

Advanced Visit: Visitor Control Software, print card and access credentials.

Advanced Parking: Parking Control Software (Fixed and Rotatory Ticketing).

Advanced Club: Club's and Associations Control Software.

Advanced Service: Control of Service (Maintenance, Cleaning, Security Companies, etc.).

Advanced Comedor: Eating Control Software (optional turnstile access or dining Ticket).

Advanced Vigilance: Patrol Guard Control - Security Systems.

Advanced Product: Production Control and Project Management Software.