¿Would you like to sell our systems or collaborate with us in sales?


Advanced Software, as software engineering and services company, in most cases sells its products through resellers, partnetship, wholesalers, consultants, engineers, installers, security companies and / or services, offering the best solutions with which to meet the business needs of their customers and / or complement with your own, is why they would be greatly appreciated if we take into account your current or future projects, control of personnel, both with standard and custom projects.

Work or collaborate with us could open up new horizons, our Company values ​​above all the service and the quality of the systems offered, so it is of vital importance to us trust between diverse businesses and partnerships, based primarily on partnerships, working with open systems, integrating a variety of equipment manufacturers and / or third party applications. We are convinced of an alliance or agreement in this regard, I would highly attractive offer global solutions to its clients, designing new services, expand the installed or simply generate other business prospects.

Our company is unique in offering a global multi-vendor centralized simultaneous coexistence, allowing the use of many different teams as the workplace or even work without using physical terminal markings.


Develop and integrate systems of Time and Attendance, Access Control, Access Control for Construction, Visitors Control, Dining Control, Patrol Tour Control, Systems and Customer Loyalty Partner Control, Parking Control , Control of External Services Clients or cleaning, Video Surveillance Systems, recording and monitoring of camera images through TCP / IP, from identification to automatically read DNI / Passport (OCR), Access Control using license plate recognition vehicles, Access Control through mobile (phone), Access Barriers, Turnstiles, plastic card printing and diverse systems of biometric identification.

Advanced Software primarily develops systems for Staff Control and Security Systems. Focuses its efforts on creating standard products with cutting-edge tools, this philosophy allows you to create applications open and usable with many devices from many different manufacturers. A priori what is a double effort and development cost, allowing customers to leverage the investments made, converting or replacing equipment over the years with full compatibility and integration between them. Also, as custom projects are developed, customized training and hotline support or tele remote assistance.

We have partners throughout the national territory, however, given the wide variety of systems that look and the need for specialization in certain cases on various products, all cooperation is welcome. If you want more information, please contact us.

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