Herramientas.png Systems Installation

Installation and configuration of applications

Installation and configuration of Terminals, Readers and different Electronic

Installation auxiliar elements (Access Barriers, Turnstiles, Turngates, etc.)

Cable Installation, communications, power, reforms, etc

Soporte.png Maintenance and Support

Telephone Support (Hotline), VNC/team Viewer and Internet

Telephone Support (Hotline), VNC/team Viewer and Internet with onsite presence

Telephone Support (Hotline), VNC/team Viewer and Internet preferential with onsite presence

AnalizeScan.png Estatic Electricity Audits

Audit and consultant preventive/corrective on static electricity

Product Development and custom Solutions

Access Control based on the maximum allowable impedance and footwear industry as approved

ATEX various solutions and products

Maletin.png Custom Training

Training Courses standard systems and applications

Customized training tailored to the needs of the company

Licencia.png Application Development

Application Development and New Projects

Software Analysis and consulting

Customized adjustments on the standard

Systems Integration