Case Studies

The sole purpose of this section is to inform about "success stories" or "case studies" typically called, attributable only to examples of various combinations of elements implanted in actual installations. Advanced Software constantly developing and innovative applications and solutions related to the supervision of staff, in many cases directly linked to Time&Attendance and / or Productivity, as would Presence control systems, Services, Production, Patrol Guard or in some cases the Control Visitors, getting time related. In another line, directly related to system security such as access control systems, the magnitude of risk prevention, control Alarm module and warnings, etc.

All applications can work independently or combined and integrated with others. So, if we remember that some of the families of such systems may have reached 4 different product lines depending on the size or type of company to which they are addressed, the result of combinations between them is very high, and added system to its surroundings that may have installed the client and / or database used allows many different situations or facilities including some worthy of mention.

Then try to mention some of the most innovative, unique or interesting, either by combining different elements combined, by the same database environment, special communications, environmental complexity, distribution of various elements (BD, Applications , Services, etc..) staff to control volume and / or distributed teams, and so on.

I can not find a facility that could be close to your preferences or imagined idea of​​implantation, do not hesitate to contact us, we have many other combinations, applications or software modules that do not publish more specific. In any case, this young woman started section and we will expand over time.

Examples of real cases with Product Facilities Advanced Software

Time & Attendance - "Advanced Press® Enterprise" and employee Web portal by BD ORACLE 10g in Server HP by UNIX and electronic terminal full hand biometric in the City of Badajoz +información

Time & Attendance - "Advanced Press® Enterprise" and employee Web portal by BD SQL Server and multiple input systems of markings in the City of Collbató. +información

Time & Attendance and Access Control by BD Access and multiple control systems with biometrics, proximity cards, mobile telephone, etc.. in the Sevilla Football Club. +información